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im not listening to music right now. idky i just cant do anything im so just idk. i canty even explain my feelings. well i know rose probably wont read this cuz i never told her i started posting in livejournal agian so ill just put my thoughts down.

this is a breakdown of how my day went
-i woke up this morning depressed and lonly wondering what happpened to rose and when i checked my cell to see if she messaged me i cried. when i got to school i was trying to keep myself from breaking down at school.
-rose didnt come with me to school today like she usually does. i thought it was because she died (i even checked obitchuaries yesterday) so i thought that was it. but then i got a message from dip telling me that her internet went down. so then i was confused and happy at same time. i was happy she was safe. because last night i prayed that she would be. but i was confused as to why she isnt at school with me. 
-so on the way back from catc i got some messages. the messages were from rose. i was really happy i read "hi its rose" and smiled the part i didnt read was right after that said "dnt txt bak" she said she was sorry and being a good girl. and also just threw in that she ALMOST likes somebody. 
-my heart dropped.

ive been depressed all day and yesterday. i need to talk to rose tonight the stress is killing me i keep having all these awful scary thoughts come into my head.


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