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blood ocean (dethklok)
well im doing the song title thing now just like what rose does except i put on the song im listening to as i enter the title for this entry. so ya. well rose isnt online yet im starting to get worried but who knows she could be anywhere i just hope shes safe.  its been a while since i been on LJ and i need to change my userpic i dont even listen to stupid gnr anymore the only thing about them i rly liked was the freakin song and its not even on my zune anymore. im doing more car work today i hope. idk im thinking about straightening my hair a couple times b4 i have to get it cut again. school really sucks. i like catc tho its pretty awesome. well i was bored and i tried to find the new dethklok album and i found like half of it on my program (frostywires) well during catc today they showed demonstrations and videos and shit for electrical safety. he showed one video where some guy was going up on a ladder and touched something bad and the shock and he SHOT right off the ladder and landed on the ground. there were sparks and everything. i loled for some reason. like for every video the guy showed i covered my mouth so i couldnt lol. then he showed a demo with this mini town some1 made and it was designed to show all the ways to shock urself around a neighborhood. it was AWESOME he fried all those little people. and on the bus ride the way back to school rose and i fell asleep together. it was awesome too. so i guess today was pretty good but i still hate school   -_-. i daydreamed a lot today too =] omfg it was amazing. and for the first time this year i remembered about the whole thing where u can listen to zune in class just use hoodie sleeve thing and i did it it was awesome but u cant play it loud so it rly doesnt do much.

rose was able to get her guardians understand some things yesterday. it just makes me sad she broke down like that =[. but its ok now everything should be way better just as long as her guards stick to their word and let us talk once and a while. and i would REALLY love it if they like apologized for being assholes about this but i dont think thats gonna happen =[. oh well. i hope she gets to call tonight im really excited. but she hasnt gotten on yet and im really worried now =[. i hope she gets on soon or send me a message or something. well this journal entry got rly long and my zune already played a few songs now the one playing is toxic screamo (i set my freinds on fire) love u rose <3 


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