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the glass....
 for too long there has been a glass wall between us.
separating us from contact with each other.
its hard to feel her soft skin,
or her warm kisses,
or even feel her heart beat.
that fucking glass.

bashing nonstop at it wondering when it may break so we can finally see each other.
my knuckles beaten and my heart bleeding, i keep fucking trying.

but today, when everything seems lost, when it seems like everything is going to fail.
it happens.
i can feel it coming, its so close.
i cant wait to see her even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.
the glass is splitting and we stand there on opposite sides of it smiling at each other.
rose, i know we may not be able to talk for days or weeks or even months.
i know that you are grounded and we have lost total contact.
i am always thinking about you. im still trying.
this is a day we have been waiting for almost 7 months.

in the time we wont be able to talk.
i pray you stay loyal
and never forget i will always love you.
when i say i do i fucking mean it.
i know we have had some rough times but that really did make our love stronger,
maybe thats what was needed to break the glass.

i love you rose.


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